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Sermon Title Speaker Service Date Media
The Story: The King Who Had It All Steve Henze Celebrations 11.30.2014
The Story: The Trials of a King Jonathan Goeke Celebrations 11.23.2014
The Story: From Shepherd to King Brad Jurischk Celebrations 11.16.2014
The Story: Standing Tall, Falling Hard Steve Henze Celebrations 11.9.2014
The Story: The Faith of a Foreign Woman Steve Henze Celebrations 11.2.2014
The Story: A Few Good Men and Women Jonathan Goeke Connections 10.26.2014
The Story: The Battle Begins Steve Henze Celebrations 10.19.2014
The Story: Wandering Jonathan Goeke Connections 10.12.2014
The Story: New Commands and a New Covenant Jonathan Goeke Connections 10.5.2014
The Story: Deliverance Brad Jurischk Celebrations 9.28.2014
The Story: Joseph Steve Henze Celebrations 9.21.2014
The Story: God Builds A Nation Jonathan Goeke Connections 9.14.2014
The Story: The Beginning of Life
As We Know It
Steve Henze Celebrations 9.07.2014
Because of Jesus, We Pray Steve Henze Celebrations 8.31.2014
Because of Jesus, I Am Strong Brad Jurischk Celebrations 8.24.2014
Because of Jesus, I Am Obedient Steve Henze Celebrations 8.17.2014
Because of Jesus, I Am Submissive Jonathan Goeke Celebrations 8.10.2014
Because of Jesus, I Am Filled Steve Henze Celebrations 8.03.2014
Because of Jesus, I Am Holy Jonathan Goeke Celebrations 7.27.2014
Because of Jesus, I Am Changing Steve Henze Celebrations 7.20.2014
Because of Jesus, I Am Renewed Steve Henze Celebrations 7.13.2014
Because of Jesus, I Am Gifted Jonathan Goeke Combined 7.6.2014
Because of Jesus, We Are One Steve Henze Celebrations 6.29.2014
Because of Jesus, We Are Loved Jonathan Goeke Connections 6.22.2014
Because of Jesus, We Are the Body Brad Jurischk Celebrations 6.15.2014
Because of Jesus, We Are United Jonathan Goeke Connections 6.8.2014
Because of Jesus, I Am Saved Steve Henze Celebrations 6.1.2014
Because of Jesus, I am Enlightened and Powerful Steve Henze Combined 5.25.2014
Because of Jesus, I Am Forgiven Jonathan Goeke Connections 5.18.2014
Because of Jesus, I Am Chosen Steve Henze Connections 5.11.2014
Because of Jesus, I am Blessed Brad Jurischk Connections 5.4.2014
Glocal Missions David Kim Connections 4.20.2014
The Power of the Resurrction Jonathan Goake Connections 4.20.2014
Alive Steve Henze Celebrations 4.20.2014
God's Eternal Plan Brad Jurischk Connections 4.13.2014
Instructions Included: Simplicity Jonathan Goeke Connections 4.6.2014
Instructions Included: Solitude Steve Henze Celebrations 3.30.2014
Instructions Included: Submission Jonathan Goeke Connections 3.23.2014
Instructions Included: Fasting Jonathan Goeke Connections 3.16.2014
Instructions Included: Meditation Steve Henze Connections 3.9.2014
Acts 29: The Next Chapter Jonathan Goeke Connections 3.2.2014
Faith in All Circumstances Steve Henze Celebraions 2.23.2014
For All To Hear Brad Jurischk Connections 2.16.2014
God is Bigger Than Your Obstacles Steve Henze Celebrations 2.09.2014
Boldly Following God Jonathan Goeke Connections 2.02.2014
Do Not Be Silent Jonathan Goeke Connections 1.26.2014
Truth in a P.C. Culture Steve Henze Celebrations 1.19.2014
Joy in the Midst of Trials Steve Henze Connections 1.12.2014
Tuning In Jonathan Goeke Connections 1.5.2014
The Joy of Seeing Jesus Steve Henze Celebrations 12.29.2013
Dealing With Failure Steve Henze Celebrations 12.15.2013
In Christ Alone Steve Henze Celebrations 12.08.2013
Go! Jonathan Goeke Connections 12.01.2013
God is Expanding His Kingdom Steve Henze Celebrations 11.24.2013
All for God's Glory Jonathan Goeke Connections 11.17.2013
Our God Moves Mightily Steve Henze Celebrations 11.10.2013
The Power of the Word Brad Jurischk Traditions 11.03.2013
Overcoming Barriers Jonathan Goeke Connections 10.27.2013
God's Healing Power Steve Henze Traditions 10.20.2013
Best Supporting Role Steve Henze Traditions 10.13.2013
Sometimes It Takes A Miracle Jonathan Goeke Connections 10.06.2013
Keep Hanging On! Steve Henze Celebrations 9.29.2013
Who's Using Whom? Jonathan Goeke Connections 9.22.2013
Receiving the Holy Spirit Jonathan Goeke Connections 9.15.2013
40th Anniversary Jonathan Goeke Combined 9.08.2013
Power to Overcome Steve Henze Celebrations 9.01.2013
Persecuted Christians Jonathan Goeke Connections 9.09.2013
Stephen's Sermon Jonathan Goeke Connections 8.18.2013
Stephen, the First Martyr Steve Henze Traditions 8.18.2013
Filled With The Spirit Jonathan Goeke Connections 8.11.2013
God Cannot Be Stopped Steve Henze Combined 8.4.2013
Let's Be Honest Jonathan Goeke Connections 7.28.2013
Christian Community Jonathan Goeke Connections 7.21.2013
The Power of Together Steve Henze Celebrations 7.21.2013
Joyful Prayer in Opposition Steve Henze Traditions 7.14.2013
We Will Not Be Silent Steve Henze Celebrations 7.7.2013
There Is No Other Name Jonathan Goeke Combined 6.30.2013
A Call To Repentance Jonathan Goeke Connections 6.23.2013
Real Transformation Chris Branscome Connections 6.16.2013
Spirit Led Community Steve Henze Celebrations 6.9.2013
Spirit Led Faith Steve Henze Celebrations 6.2.2013
A Spirit of Courage Steve Henze Combined 5.26.2013
The Work of the Spirit Jonathan Goake Connections 5.19.2013
Of One Accord Jonathan Goeke Connections 5.12.2013
You Are My Witnesses Steve Henze Celebrations 5.5.2013
That You Would Have Life Chris Branscome Connections 4.28.2013
Life In His Name Steve Henze Celebrations 4.28.2013
Follow The Leader Brad Jurischk Traditions 4.21.2013
Awaiting Orders Jonathan Goeke Connections 4.14.2013
Resurrection Faith Steve Henze Celebrations 4.7.2013
Defeated or Victorious? Jonathan Goeke Connections 3.31.2013
Resurrection Living Steve Henze Celebrations 3.31.2013
God is in Control Jonathan Goeke Connections 3.17.2013

Of all the Gospels, The Gospel of Mark is the simplest and most concise. In this six week series, as we read through this straightforward account of Jesus' words and actions, we'll see how Mark emphasized the humanity of Jesus without overlooking His divinity.

Sermon Title Windows Media Quicktime Mp3
Part 1 (8:00 Service) Hi Low Hi Med Low Mp3
Part 1 (10:45, Life Center) Hi Low Hi Med Low Mp3
Part 2 (Evening Service) Hi Low Hi Med Low Mp3
Part 3 (8:00 Service) Hi Low Hi Med Low Mp3
Part 3 (10:45, Life Center) Hi Low Hi Med Low Mp3
Part 4 (Evening Service) Hi Low Hi Med Low Mp3
Part 5 (10:45, Life Center) Hi Low Hi Med Low Mp3

In this series, based on the book The Me I Want To Be, by John Ortberg, we explore what it is to live within our own uniqueness as we seek to know and submit to God. We discover that the closer you grow to God, the more you become God's best version of you.

Sermon Title Windows Media Quicktime Mp3
Part 1 Hi Low Hi Med Low Mp3
Part 2 Hi Low Hi Med Low Mp3
Part 3 Hi Low N/A N/A N/A Mp3
Part 4
Hi Low Hi Med Low Mp3

In Acts 2:42, we learn that the early church was devoted to "...the apostles' teaching, the fellowship, the breaking of bread, and the prayers." In this series, we look at how the church of today can share in these devotions.

Sermon Title
Windows Media
Part 1: The Apostles' Teaching
Part 2: The Fellowship
Low Hi Med Low Mp3
Part 3: The Prayers
Low Hi Med Low Mp3
Part 4: The Breaking of Bread
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