Connections is a ministry that exists for one reason - to bring glory to God!  This isn’t always popular, even among Christians, but we are passionate about God’s glory, about His name and His fame!  


Worship is our response to God, and it happens naturally in our daily lives.  In addition to the life of worship, we gather as a community to praise God for His work in our lives.


Not by “going to church,” but by “being the church,” we are a community of people who follow Jesus and want to partner with Him as He accomplishes His mission.


In ancient times, the body of believers looked out for one another, and met together often. In our fast-paced, busy, driven world, we value building community with those around us.

Being Missional

As missional people, we always look beyond ourselves.  This is part of our DNA.  We look out to others, as well as look in to ourselves.  We are out in the community, talking, sharing, loving and connecting people to Jesus Christ.

Join us for worship each Sunday morning at 10:45 AM in our Life Center / Gym!